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Date Benefits

Dates have long been considered as one of the purest forms of natural foods with an abundance of beneficial values. The fruit contains sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional trace elements.

Dates provide the human body with a quick boost of energy to resist physical and mental lethargy. Among the noteworthy vitamins is the presence of Vitamins A, B1, B2, salts and Folic Acid that are essential for the growth of healthy tissues and muscles. Additionally the significant amount of Fluoride contained in the fruit helps to prevent tooth decay.

Dates have been proven to enhance fertility, sexual prowess and prevent lung and chest diseases. The fruit is useful for the body's central nervous system and in increasing the flexibility and vitality of blood vessels.

This food also provides the intestines with the required fibres and moisture to fight off gastro-enteritis. Easily digestible, it cleans the kidneys and the liver, and actively provides the body with an overall revitalizing effect.

Dates are also valuable against combating off vertigo and sluggishness. The calcium in the fruit helps deter
Osteoporosis in the elderly. The fruit is also considered as a key supplement for childbearing and nursing women.

Typical nutritional values of dates per 100g

Element  Wieght Element Weight
Sugar 72.9g Iron 3.0mg
Protein 2.2g Sodium 1.0mg
Fat 0.5g Potassium 648.0mg
Fiber 2.5g Vitamin A 50.0LU
Ash 1.9g Vitamin B1 0.09mg
Calcium 59.0mg Vitamin B2 0.10mg
Phosphorous 63.0mg Moisture Content 22.2/24.5%
Energy Value 274.0 CAL