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A small, cone shaped date with a distinctive crisp dark brown-black outer skin. Soft in texture, it easily melts in your mouth leaving an after taste flavour reminiscent of raisins.
155.00 (SAR)


A medium sized date with a long body. The Ambara has a dark brown-black exterior embellished with malleable wrinkles, and a yellow-golden translucent flesh. Very soft, sticky and melts in your mouth with a natural caramel flavour.
95.00 (SAR)


A medium sized date with a firm, long body. When ripe, it has a deep golden brown exterior. Known for its particularly memorable rustic texture and after taste, the Barni is fibrous, mildly sweet and easy to bite through.
65.00 (SAR)


A medium date with a long body. The Khudri has shiny, translucent, dark golden brown skin, and a plump, sweet, caramel flesh. It is somewhat chewy but not fibrous.
65.00 (SAR)


A medium date with a slender, long body. The Mabroom has dark brown, semi-translucent skin embellished with malleable wrinkles. It has a chewy brown flesh that is not so sweet. Its texture is a combination of soft and firm with a slight bite from its fibrous inside.
60.00 (SAR)


A medium date with a slightly coned shape. The Majdool has characteristically thick, golden brown skin that gives it a bite and a slight crunch. Its golden yellow flesh is slightly fibrous in texture and has a distinct sweetness reminiscent of Rutab.
95.00 (SAR)


A small/medium cone-shaped date with a firm exterior. The Sukkari has yellowish skin and a characteristically sweet, golden-brown flesh that is mildly chewy, yet easy to bite.
95.00 (SAR)